I was convinced to cut my hair

I have always wanted to try out short hair and to see how I will look. However, I have never had the courage to go through with it. When I told my cousin Amanda about it, she convinced me to go through with it.

She took me to her hair stylist and I explained the look I wanted. I was scared that I might not look as good as I wanted. When she was done, I was really pleased with my new look. Everyone around said that I looked better than before.

Do you like it?

My New Haircut

I saw the best closets and window treatment options

Really Nice Closets from Armadi

Really Nice Closets from Armadi

While at my uncle’s place, I could not help but notice the closets and window treatments. They were the best I had ever seen in my life. I had to ask my uncle where he got them from. He openly bragged that he has the nicest closets in Miami. He said the same thing when I asked about the cool window treatment in Miami. He offered to take me to the company showroom to see the closets and window treatment options they offer and I agreed without hesitation. I was really impressed with the variety and the beauty of the designs that were displayed in the showroom.

Check them out at:

2657 NE 189th Terrace
Miami, FL 33180

Armadi Closets and Attico Concepts are both located in the same showroom/warehouse.

I Learnt About Fantasy Soccer and the World Cup

Everyone in my uncle family is obsessed with the world cup. Even my 27 year old cousins are happy filling out the Panini Would Cup sticker album. Its so funnny! Panini Soccer World Cup Sticker Album

I was surprised that everyone who visited while I was in my uncle house talked about soccer. I knew there was something more to this sports obsession other than the world cup. I was right! Apparently, there is this new fantasy futbol site known as FantasyGol where soccer fans build their dream team and bet. The rewards are based on the individual team players performance. Although I am not really a soccer fan fun, I have to admit that it was good experience placing a bettin $10 on the site and winning $30. Check it out at www.FantasyGol.com

I Bough A Used Rolex Watch for My Mom

This is the watch I bought for my MomWhen I travel to any place, I always buy something for mom. This time, I decided to buy a used Rolex for my mom. She loves watches so I knew that this was a gift that she was going to love. I did a quick online search to find a site that sells preowned watches and landed on rocksonclocks.com. I bought a used Rolex. I had trouble selecting the Rolex that best fits her because there were very many designs and all of them seemed perfect for her. I had been on the site for more than an hour analyzing the watches. In the end, we decided to choose the one I loved because I have the same taste with my mom in many things.

I had missed my uncle… what to do? Visit Him

I had missed my uncle too. He was one of the reasons why I decided to go to Miami Florida in the first place. I wanted to see how he was doing and see my cousins too. I had been three years since I last saw them. Amanda was the cousin I wanted to see most because we are almost the same age and we used to play together when we were little and spent a lot of time together when we were teenagers. My uncle is a very busy man. He is a locksmith in Miami Beach. I knew the only time I would see him is in the evening after work.

Thats My Uncle the Locksmith

Thats My Uncle the Locksmith

It is Amanda who came to pick me up. She was with her boyfriend. I could not help but ask myself what happened to the promise we made to each other when we were teenager that we will not have boyfriends until we were 30? We made this promise when we were both heart broken by our teenage boyfriends. I had broke the promise too so did not dare talk about it. They were both excited to see me and asked plenty of questions as we drove home. When we reached home, I was given a warm welcome by everyone. All my cousins wanted my attention. In the evening, my uncle came back home and I was the person he asked for when the opened the door. He told me how great he was doing as a car locksmith in Miami. By the look of his house, I could tell that he was doing very well even before he told me. From the way he was talking, it was obvious that he is man who is passionate about his job. If you are looking for locksmith services in Miami, he is definitely the person that you should talk to.

My Cousin Tried To Hook Me Up

When I told my cousin that I was single, she tried to hook me up to a friend of hers. I think her rush to hook me up was probably because she remembered about the promise we had made not to have boyfriend till we were 30. Maybe she felt guilty hat she had broken the promise and thought that I did not break it. What she did not know is that I had broken the promise a long time ago.

The friend she introduced me to, Matt, was really handsome and smart. We bonded right from the first time we were introduced to each other. I like him and wanted to know him better. Before I left for Charleston, we exchanged numbers. I am hopping that he will call. If he doesn’t, then I will have no choice but to accept that he did not like me that much.

After 5 years, Im traveling back to Florida!

I love traveling. Being an artist, seeing the world helps me to perfect my art. I am the kind of person that cannot stay in one place for a long time without getting bored. If I stay in one place, including my home Charleston, without visit any other place for more than a month, I will consider that as one of the most boring month of my life. I just came home yesterday from Florida. I had a awesome trip. Honest, it was one the best trips I have had this year so far.

I began my trip by visiting an old friend, Nicole who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was excited to meet her since it had been more than a year since we last saw each other. When I called her she too sounded excited about my visit. Just like all girls who are best friends would do, we stayed up all night talking and laughing. We had so much to talk about. We went to sleep around 5 am. Before going to bed, as I was brushing my teeth in her bathroom, the sink faucet broke. We tried to fix it but it was too much for us. We then did a quick web search on plumbers around Fort Lauderdale, Florida and landed on Superplumbingllc.com. Since the company claimed to have the most trusted plumbers in Florida, we decided to give them a try.

Girls Can Take Showers

A Girl Need A Plumber Yo!

We were amazed by their services. It did not take long after calling before a fully equipped plumber knocked at the door. The faucet was fixed in a few minutes. In addition, we were given a 50% discount to promote them here in my blog! This was amazing. I would have promoted the company even without the discount because of their excellent services.

As promised, here is their info:

Super Plumbing LLC

4370 Oakes Road. Suite 708
Davie, FL33314

Phone: (954) 870 5355